D+G flooring

Branding • Web Design • Front-end • UX

German, the owner of D+G Flooring, contacted me to help him find his floor cleaning company’s brand and a way to get new clients to book him. He did not have a website so in a time span of 3 months I was able to help him achieve it through conducting research, interviews, user personas, wireframes, and prototypes. Two other designers assisted with the front-end and wireframes. 


German approached me looking to collect information and a re-design that would encourage more customers to book his cleaning company. He was currently only getting clients by word of mouth.

Conducted multiple interviews of current clients and potential clients.

Secondary Research
Researched competitors and how they approached their presentation via web.

Created user personas to help define our target audience and used the research obtained to create a successful website experience. 


Two current clients and two potential clients were interviewed to see what they would like to see on a flooring companies website if they were to use it. We wanted to make sure it was easy for them to book, get a quote, or ask a question. We also asked if they appreciated a website to contact or if they were fine with just a business card and word of mouth. One thing we also were able to recieve about the interviews was the importance of eco friendly products. 

I usually ask my friends for a good babysitter or cleaning person which is how I found German but it would be helpful to just book online rather than having to find time to call to set an appointment.
— Current Client 1
If German had a website I would be sending his link to my friends! He is a great worker.
— Current Client 2
When I search for a carpet cleaner I do not like feeling overwhelmed just to be able to see their prices. Have you seen most of their websites? It is always cluttered!
— Potential client
I would want someone who is eco friendly! I do not approve of using harsh cleaning products so that is the first thing I look for.
— Potential client

Secondary Research
Researched competitors to see how they promoted their services of residential and commercial floor cleaning. Most of them had information all on the first page which resulted in a lot of cluttered words. Viewer would get overwhelmed with all the information and not know where to click first. 

Most companies used green to promote eco friendly products. 

Research made it clear that the target user wanted a clean and not overwhelming website when searching for their cleaner. Eco friendly products is highly important and was the first thing most of them looked for. In conclusion we needed a visually welcoming page that eased the viewer and kept them on the page while informing them of German's services.